Studsvik Ltd is an HSE-accredited RPA Body which has extensive experience providing radon-related support to clients; including the identification of potential radon hazards at premises across the United Kingdom, prioritisation of sites based on identified risks, management of identified hazards, production of risk assessments, advising on compliance with the IRR17, and calculation of estimated doses to staff from radon.


Studsvik Ltd provides clients with RPA support related specifically to radon issues for their premises across the UK. This involves the following capabilities:


  • Radon risk mapping for clients in both public and private sectors throughout the UK
  • Review and interpretation radon monitoring data against HSE regulations
  • Review of existing mitigation systems, maintenance inspections and schedules
  • Determination of number of radon detectors required for monitoring workplaces
  • Placement of Radon detectors in locations within buildings
  • Recommendations for reducing radon exposure to employees
  • Support for notifications to the HSE as required by the IRR17 regulations
  • Risk assessment for the building based on radon monitoring results
  • Recommendations for remediation work and maintenance inspections and schedules
  • Production of Local Rules and contingency arrangements to control radiation dose to employees
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor and radon awareness training
  • Radon monitoring methodology, instruction and schedule

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